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Let’s Get This Party Started

We know how it goes. You’re at a party. You see some old friends, you meet some new people, you avoid the neighbor who has decided he likes to shine his spotlight directly into your bedroom between 3 and 5 a.m. every day.

One thing leads to another, and you’re laughing, talking, and shoveling in torpedo-sized eclairs every time you turn around. That’s cool. Eclairs are awesome. Just not 23 of them.

So what do you do when you’re mingling and snacking, and there are so many treats within a finger’s distance of you?

I like these strategies for navigating holiday parties:

  • Alternate good with, well, “less good.” For drinking, I’ll start with water, have a drink, have more water, then another drink, then finish with water (my max is two drinks). Now that’s a sandwich!
  • For food, I try to eat a little something before I go so I don’t arrive at a party feeling ravenous. Some nuts and cheese do the trick and take the edge off.
  • I limit myself to a few not-so-healthy party snacks. I don’t need to try everything, but I do like to taste some of the creative concoctions.
  • Small plates, small plates, small plates. Limit the amount of surface you have to hold the food, and you’ll naturally eat less of it.

Select the Stars

I get it. When someone is serving up snickerdoodles and puffy pastries filled with goat cheese and bacon, there’s something that says, “I gotta get me one of these.” Have it. Enjoy it.

But also know that you have a nutritional ally that can keep you from stuffing your stomach. Most parties I’ve been to have a bowl of nuts nearby.

They’re filled with protein and healthy fat, so they’re good for you (though they are calorically dense), and best of all, they’re filling so you’ll be less likely to overeat if you start with a handful of nuts.

You’re probably less likely to find servings of protein-rich snacks at a party (“may offer you this bowl of chicken chunks?”), so nuts can be a great way to go when you want to alternate between healthy snacks and richer ones.

Thank You

I know we spend a lot of time this year talking about resolutions—healthy eating, new exercise plans, a commitment to “getting it done.” And that’s one of the things I love about this time of year. There’s a renewed focus on doing the little things that can add up to big results.

I also think this time of year is one where we think a lot about gratitude—and the people in our lives. I, like you, am very grateful for my family and friends. And I savor every moment I can spend time and connect with them.

I also wanted to take a moment to thank you.

Thank you for subscribing to this newsletter as part of your health journey.

Thank you for reading, and thank you for thinking about your wellness.

Thank you for your commitment to optimum health, as it’s the most important thing you can give to your loved ones.

I look forward to keeping up with your questions and concerns—and addressing issues of relevance in today’s ever-changing world.